Favourite Dives: Barracuda Point @ Sisters Rocks

By Alex Ward
Sisters Rocks Carriacou

Maximum Depth: 19m / 63 ft Level: Adventurous

Barracuda Point is the name of the dive site surrounding the smaller of the two Sisters Rocks. Its exposed location can make this one a challenging dive during strong tide changes. This article looks at the wonderful treasures that await those who brave the prospect of currents.

Located in Carriacou’s Marine Protected Area, the Sisters Rocks are around a 10 minute boat ride away from Hillsborough. A great spot to see sea birds, the two rock pinnacles are surrounded by a large fringing reef that starts in around 7m/23 ft and drops to 34m/110ft in places along its outer edge.

A live drop-in at the front of the rocks (facing towards Carriacou), reveals an incredible wealth of marine life as we descend along the sloping reef. Hundreds of Snappers, Jacks, Creole Wrasse, Black Durgeons and the ever-present Brown Chromis form living clouds above the reef.

Keeping the reef wall on our right-hand side we move along – this is where we start to look for Nurse Sharks, Morays (Green and Spotted) & Turtles on the reef, and larger fish out in the blue. Eagle Rays are also frequent visitors between March and July.

As we approach the first corner, a forest of gorgonians spreads out before us. The coral reef all around us is in amazing condition, one of the reasons Carriacou’s Sisters Rocks are considered one of the best dive spots in the Caribbean region.

This is the halfway point of the dive and as we ascend to around 12m/40ft we get a great view of the rocky cliffs towering above us. In this place where the currents often swirl, barracudas and horse-eye jacks tend to hang out. During late spring thousands of silversides can be found here.

Sisters Rocks, Carriacou

Overhangs mark this side of the rock, providing shelter for sleeping Nurse Sharks, Turtles and Green Morays. As we approach the back of the rock, the topography changes again, opening out in the gentle slope covered in soft coral, extending down from the rock wall on our right. Scrawled Filefish and Scorpionfish can be found here.

Now we can hear the ‘clunk’ of the ladder on the back of the dive boat, which is waiting at the back mooring. If current allows we’ll hover in between the rocks for our safety stop. This is a great spot for photos, as the water is very clear and the coral covered rocks add a colourful background. A large school of Houndfish often provides entertainment here, marking a wonderful end to a fantastic dive.

Route variations:
For those preferring a less challenging dive with an easier entry, we can start from the back of the Sisters Rocks. Here the boat can moor up and there is no rush to get in the water. The mooring line takes us down to the top of the reef. From there we can either head through inbetween the rocks (current allowing) and then complete a shallower dive taking us all the way around, or we stay at the back of the Sisters and explore the large boulders, rocky cliffs and soft corals that make this a great dive in itself.

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