Bogles Ridge is full of fish again!

By Nora Valdés
Bogles Ridge, Carriacou

I remember the first time I dove here, it was for a lionfish hunt with my buddy Mark, and we thought the place was quite pretty, but looking quite dead to be honest. Well, that was September 2019, and I’ve been here 3 times since then, and I must say that I’m liking it more and more each time.

Maximum depth: 22m / 72 ft. Level: Easy & fun

We start our dive at the mooring line behind Jack-A-Dan, a small island located right in front of Hillsborough bay, and our shop Deefer Diving, so it’s just a short 5 minute ride on Phoenix and we’re there.

Dean entering the water at Jack-A-Dan in style

From the west side of the island we descent to 12 mts and head north, following the reef on our right we start seeing lots of parrot fish, chromis and blue creole wrasse, we all love how these ones always surprise us, falling like “blue rain” around, its just beautiful.

The reef looks kinda “dusty”, and if you follow it for about 25 minutes you’ll get to around 22 mts deep, then take a U turn and come a little shallower, it has a very pretty topography and overhangs where you can find lobsters, moray eels, and one occasional couple of angel fish. We were lucky to see a Queen Triggerfish a couple of times as well, and lots of sand divers, always trying to stay cool and camouflaged on top of corals or in the sand.

French Anglefish
Curious young French angelfish

My favorite part is the end of our dive, we usually do the three minutes safety stop at 5 mts above a great colony of boulder coral heads, they are so close to the surface that the sunshine makes all the colors pop, and you can see the beautiful juvenile damselfishes and their shiny brilliant blue dots. Also a very good place to find small goldentail and chain morays.

Bogles Ridge, Carriacou
Nice safety stop over shallow coral right next to the boat

If you like macro, well this is the place to look for all the small stuff as well. Lots of lettuce sea slugs, shrimps, arrow crabs, flamingo tongues, among other critters. Look patiently and you might find some more exiting small creatures, like pipefish, a seahorse maybe, or even a frog fish! I haven’t been lucky, but I never lose faith and I’m always hoping to find cool stuff. Some lucky ones have seen devil rays right on the bottom of the mooring line, so yes, this site can surprise you.

This place has looked very bare in the past, but luckily we’ll see how fish take over again, so I’ll try to keep an eye on Bogles Ridge and give an update later on.

About the author: Nora is a dive instructor at Deefer Diving. Originally from Patagonia, she fell in love with Carriacou when she first came here 3 years ago. It has now become a home for her.

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