Efficient Finning Techniques

By Nora Valdés

In this article we want to show you another fundamental technique for divers to improve their skills: A diver must be able to move through the water using his fins as the main source of propulsion, to increase efficiency and minimize impact on the environment.

Perfect Trim for a Scuba Diver

By Nora Valdés

The trim is the ideal horizontal position for a diver underwater, so we would like to share a couple of tips to achieve that perfect trim which will help you make the most of your dive and be a better diver as well.

Dive Course Focus: Wreck & Advanced Wreck Diver

By Gary Ward

There are many people who are fascinated by the concept of diving around huge man-made structures, whereas for others the idea of diving on a wreck offers no allure at all.  Ships, airplanes and even cars can be fascinating to explore and are usually teeming with life. There are three principal reasons why a wreck…