Efficient Finning Techniques

By Nora Valdés

In this article we want to show you another fundamental technique for divers to improve their skills: A diver must be able to move through the water using his fins as the main source of propulsion, to increase efficiency and minimize impact on the environment.

Perfect Trim for a Scuba Diver

By Nora Valdés

The trim is the ideal horizontal position for a diver underwater, so we would like to share a couple of tips to achieve that perfect trim which will help you make the most of your dive and be a better diver as well.

Buoyancy 101: Do I need some help?

By Gary Ward

After Sidemount, my favourite courses to teach relate to perfecting buoyancy control. For many newer divers, mastering your ability to be buoyant will significantly change your diving enjoyment. Today I ask the question, do you need some help?