Bogles Ridge is full of fish again!

By Nora Valdés

I remember the first time I dove here, it was for a lionfish hunt with my buddy Mark, and we thought the place was quite pretty, but looking quite dead to be honest. Well, that was September 2019, and I’ve been here 3 times since then, and I must say that I’m liking it more and more each time.

Rebreather Diving – A Look At The Basics

By Jon Wright

A bewildering number of options and different machines present a mass of information for the potential new CCR diver which is difficult to assimilate without some base knowledge. With this article I hope to clarify the basic operational aspects of CCR, as well as highlighting positive and negative aspects of this diving system.

Dive Course Focus: Wreck & Advanced Wreck Diver

By Gary Ward

There are many people who are fascinated by the concept of diving around huge man-made structures, whereas for others the idea of diving on a wreck offers no allure at all.  Ships, airplanes and even cars can be fascinating to explore and are usually teeming with life. There are three principal reasons why a wreck…

Diving in the Tropics: Is staying warm really an issue?

By Gary Ward

We all imagine diving in the tranquil blue warm waters of the tropics.  We can see the waves gently lapping against the side of the dive boat and the azure blue patches in the water.  The sun is shining and there are fluffy white clouds drifting in the sky. The water temperature is a heady…

5 Reasons why we LOVE rebreather diving

By Gary Ward

At Deefer Diving we like to try new things and offer new ways to try diving. This winter we moved into the world of Closed Circuit Rebreather diving. Now diving on rebreathers is not new, the original technology pre-dates regular scuba (by about 80 years!), but with the addition of new technology the equipment is…

Why I love Sidemount for recreational diving

By Gary Ward

Sidemount scuba is simply an evolved approach to equipment configuration which was developed by cave divers needing precision buoyancy and the ability to dive in unusually tight conditions.  It employs innovation and discipline to produce an arrangement of scuba unlike any the typical diver is accustomed to. Think of your Scuba back-mount system like a…